The Boats and the extra equipment
What is the difference between Picnic and Picnic Sport?

The main difference between Picnic and Picnic Sport is its steering. Picnic is steered with hand tiller, and Picnic Sport is steered through the center wheel console. As Picnic Sport requires for engine and battery to be mounted permanently it cannot be acquired with Torqeedo Travel which has a detachable battery. Also, only Picnic Sport can be acquired with Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 which because of its power must be mounted permanently.

Do you sell the boat with a bimini top?

Yes, we do and pictures will be available online expectedly by mid-March 2016. The bimini top (called Sun Shade in our case) is a flexible one, meaning it can be mounted when necessary and tugged away into the storage when not in use.

What trailer is recommended to use with the boats?

RAND Picnic and Picnic Sport are the perfect trailer boats (only five meters, light-weight, nearly flat bottom) and can be transported with nearly all boat trailers with a load capacity of +500 kg. and min. five meters’ length.

What are the light options to conform with U.S. coastal guard regulations?

For now, the only lighting available for the boats is a lantern. RAND Boats recommend safety aboard at all times and urge customers to ensure the boats are sufficiently lighted to comply with local legislation, at a minimum.

Engine, battery and solar power
How is the engine fastened to the boat? Can it get stolen?

The engine plate is bolted on with 6x M12 lock-bolts and the engine we recommend also bolting on with 4x M10 or using an engine rail lock if portability is a requirement. The engines are light weight and can easily be mounted only when in use and taken off afterwards.

Can the boats be used with a gasoline engine?

Yes. The boats can be used with all long-shafted outboard engines up to 40 HP. Within the first half of 2016 we expect the boats to be approved for up to 60 HP.

What are the pros and cons of gel and lithium batteries?

Gel batteries are relatively cheap, more low-tech, i.e. require fewer cables, and 99% recyclable. On the other hand, they are relatively heavy, charge slower, and have fewer cycles (lifetime).

Lithium batteries are relatively light-weight, charge faster, and have more cycles (lifetime). On the other hand, they are relatively expensive, more high-tech, i.e. more cables and steered by computer, and damaging to the environment when discarded.

Are there any problems with batteries and electric engines compared to gasoline – durability, running out, etc.?

Battery technology has recently reached a level sufficient to allow transport vehicles to be transported via electricity. This means boats like RAND Picnic and Picnic Sport (alongside electric cars like Tesla) work great with an electric engine and can, depending on choice of battery bank, outlast many gasoline engines in terms of sailing time.

What engine and battery is included in the price for Picnic and Picnic Sport respectively?

No engines or batteries are included in the price for Picnic and Picnic Sport. Some customers prefer to buy the boats without engines and batteries why we prefer to display the price without anything included.

How fast does the boat run with Cruise 10.0?

Cruise 10.0 has not yet been launched, but the boats are expected to run around 19 knots (app. 35 km/h).

What happens to the battery if it sits unused for 8 months when it is off-season?
Can the battery handle -25 degrees?
Are the boats delivered with recharge cords?

Yes, they come standard with 15 m cords.

How big are the batteries in measure? And how much storage space is left after having the different packages installed?
How does the solar power options work?

The solar options are both flexible mats which can be rolled out onto the deck or center table. The Torqeedo mat is connected directly to the Travel battery which is the only engine it can be used with, and for that reason can be transported anywhere with the battery for a convenient recharge location. The Solbian mat is connected via the electric plug.

Quality / durability
What guarantees are warranted on hull, engine, batteries, etc.?
Durability in varying climates, water types etc.?
Can the RAND Picnic be used in saltwater?


Sales and shipping
Can the boats be shipped to all countries?

RAND Boats offer to organize shipment and documentation to EU, USA, Canada, and Australia. The shipping types can be seen under Get Yours. For all other countries we hope to be able to ship during 2016.

What are the shipping costs?

All shipping inside of Europe is offered for the low fee of EUR 400.


RAND Boats offer three shipping types outside of Europe:
A – Special delivery: Express delivery at an address of your choice – USD 4,000
B – Combined: Delivered with extended shipping time at an address of your choice – USD 1,500
C – Central harbour: With pickup at major shipping harbour – USD 500


For further details on the shipping types, please contact us at sales@randboats.com.

Does RAND Boats offer financing?

RAND Boats offers no financing when buying directly, but many of our dealerships do, and will be happy to advise about their options.