It’s very easy. We build your boat according to your wishes and ship it to most places in the world for a low shipping cost.

Social on a RAND Picnic

The process

To purchase your RAND Picnic, download the order package, select your boat model, equipment and delivery method and return your order sheet to us. That’s it.

Please go to randboats.com on your desktop device and download the order package – or contact us for more information.

Download order package

Download the order package, and you will get an order sheet and a pricelist to give you an overview of your choices.

Customize your boat

Fill out your order sheet and send it back to us by email. Choose from the selection of equipment to customize your own RAND Picnic and send the filled out order sheet to us at sales@randboats.com.

Order and delivery

Inform us of your preferred delivery method. The estimated delivery time is 4-8 weeks. Shipping time outside of Europe can vary depending on country.

Order directly from us

If you can’t find a local dealer, order your RAND Picnic Boat directly from us, and we’ll ship the boat directly to you. We offer worldwide delivery at a low shipping cost.

For purchasing directly from us, download one of the order packages below, fill out the form and send it back to us. If you need any help in this process, please contact us and we’ll guide you through it.

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