– Designed for an eco-friendly and luxurious boating experience
– Sustainably produced and handmade in Denmark
– Ergonomic & user-friendly layout
– Plug & Play function in center console
– Available with electric engine system

RAND Picnic

The idea behind the RAND Picnic

RAND Boats has created the unique RAND Picnic boat that is true to the company vision of offering innovative, user-friendly and easy to maintain motorboats built and driven with minimum environmental impact.

The RAND Picnic introduces a brand new approach to leisure time activity at sea. The elegant 18ft open day-cruiser is an affordable, low-key luxury boat that offers a new way of experiencing social interaction with friends and family, while sailing due to the unique interior design, the high usability and the electric engine system.

The RAND Picnic is sustainably produced in Denmark at RAND Shipyard with the focus of optimizing hydrodynamic efficiency, and optimal environments for pleasurable sailing.

Maximum usability

The RAND Picnic was born with the desire to offer the most compelling sailing experience with maxiumum usability.

This low maintenance motorboat is incredibly easy to manuvre and it requires no sailing license or experience to use and sail the RAND Picnic.

The lightweight hull makes it easy to transport by trailer, and its large storage rooms can hold anything from canvas cushions, life vests, bathing towels, and of course your fully equipped picnic basket.

Finally, the easily accessible bathing platform makes the RAND Picnic a great way to have a dip in the sea or a nearby lake.

RAND Picnic interior

Unique Picnic layout
for social interaction

It is deliberately designed for social interaction and perfectly fitted for on-the-water leisure or dining with a built-in adjustable table and seating for up to 10 people. The table can be lowered to serve as the base for a relaxing kingsize sundeck. The rounded edges and wide hull makes it easy to get in and out. The hull has been developed to provide the most stable platform possible to increase the comfort on board. The electric propulsion ensures joyful picnics without a loud motor running and the smell of gas while sailing.

Scandinavian design

The elegant design is minimalistic with a true Scandinavian feel.

The RAND Picnic is sleek with a focus on hydrodynamic and graceful lines. The steering wheel provides a luxurious experience and the high-quality aluminium console and sustainable interior is made from wood providing a tactile experience.


Model: RAND Picnic 18

CE Category: C

Maximum load: 900 kg

Maximum crew: 10 persons

Maximum power: 60 HP

Hull width: 210 cm

Hull length: 535 cm

Draft: 18 cm

Weight: 390 kg

Engine & battery: Engine size and battery capacity is adjusted to your personal needs

RAND Picnic sketch

From € 19.100,-