– Designed for an eco-friendly and luxurious boating experience
– Sustainably produced and handmade in Denmark
– Ergonomic & user-friendly layout
– Plug & Play function in center console
– Available with electric engine system


No matter how beautiful the surroundings or exquisite the boat, without safety aboard all else fades. At the core of RAND Boats’ philosophy is the notion that joy and relaxation can only be achieved supported by uncompromising safety.


Built around a 600 litres foam kernel made from recycled plastics, RAND Picnic has a strong natural up-drift making it virtually impossible to sink.

RAND Picnic Sport
Protective rubber fenders

Alongside the entire hull a sturdy rubber fenderlist ensures any potential collisions to be as little damaging as possible to passengers and material.

Protective rubber fenders
Self draining

In addition to its unsinkable capability RAND Picnic is equipped with two drain holes in the cockpit deck ensuring excess water from rain or waves empty itself whether in motion or still.

Anti-slip floor

Across the floor an anti-slip surface ensures steady traction regardless of footwear or excess water drops from a joyous swim.

Anti-slip floor
Flat upper deck

Equipped only with bollards, the entire upper deck is flat and allows for easy movability whether boarding or moving about.

RAND Picnic upper deck

From € 18.600,-