– Designed for a luxurious and sporty boating experience
– Ultra lightweight hull design for optimized performance
– Sustainably produced with vacuum infused composite hybrid
– Available with advanced electric engine systems
– Innovative twin lounges and center console
– The most spacious boat in its class

Danish Design

The distinguished Scandinavian design of the RAND Play brings a new kind of open day-boat to the market. The minimalistic approach and the graceful, yet simple lines defines what luxury at the sea is really about.

Great Functionality

The design is uncompromising, in the way that functionality comes first. The beautiful lines and surfaces, the graceful details and the impressive amounts of space, and the freedom to move around.

Pure Performance

Whether you will do high speed sailing in smooth waters, or ride big waves at the ocean, the RAND Play will maneuver with a fun and engaging steering while remaining stable and safe.

The best fun
on the water

The PLAY 24 concept follows RAND’s vision of leisure activity at sea and adds a great amount of fun, space and speed on top of that. The 24ft day-boat seats up to 12 persons and creates a perfect platform for good times on the water.

The Play offers an impressive level of customization and comfort. The bow seating area can transform into an XL sunbed, and the aft area can transform into a relaxing kingsize sunlounge. The RAND Play is in other words the perfect boat for playing on the water, and you can customize your boat to meet your every need.

RAND Play interior

Extensive Lounge Area

The bow lounge area can comfortably seat up to 7 people and transforms into an XL 200 x 200 cm sunbed protected by the high backrests.

Easy Access

Moving around on the Play is a breeze with its walkways and open space. The protective freeboard opens up to the big swimplatform that makes it easy to jump in for a swim.

Helm Lounge

The helm area provides great seating for 3 people while also forming an oversize chaiselon in connection with the swimplatform. The backrest can transform to create a kingsize sunbed and also support the captain in a raised steering position for a better view.


1: Height adjustable windsheild

2: Oversize engine/storage room

3: Watersport pole

4: Chaiselong and kingsize sunbed

5: 3 person helm seating

6: Protective console with fridge and storage

7: Adjustable table with foldable kingsize sunbed

8: 7 person U-sofa with comfortable backrests

RAND Play interior overview


The lightweight construction is fundamental for our boats to achieve superior performance and low consumption of fuel or electricity depending on engine selection.

The RAND Play consumes significantly less than traditional boats and will be the environmentally friendly choice within watersport even if choosing a modern gasoline engine. We use materials developed from recycled plastics and bio based hybrids to optimise the enviromental impact and create the best possible solution.

Electric boat

Electric propulsion – Deep Blue 80

The hightech electric engine system developed with our partner Torqeedo GmbH offers reliablility, fast speed, and low operating cost. More importantly it is completely free of noise and fumes. It is powered by a BMW i3 battery bank to ensure the best quality.


Model: RAND Play 24

CE Category: C

Maximum crew: 10 persons

Maximum power: 250 HP

Hull width: 250 cm

Hull length: 740 cm

Draft: 30 cm

Weight ex. engine: From 750 kg

Outboard electric: 80 HP

Outboard gasoline: 100-250 HP

Inboard gasoline or diesel: 170-280 HP

Inboard electric: Torqeedo DB 80 HP

RAND Play specifications

From € 50.000,-